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We are the platform where guest posts are welcomed. 

Be our valuable contributor by writing the best blog posts on the most trending topics. Our site has established a position in the global market where the audience of all ages read our posts and share to the community. 

We take care of everything you write. Since the audience demands of simple yet interesting topics, our contributors are directed to provide us with the genuine piece of writing that is worth publishing. 

Before you send us your articles and blogs, please read the following details and instructions:

Our Audience 

Infor Inn has an audience from all over the world. We make sure that people can easily find the information on our site without a hassle. Hence, we only publish the articles that are of high-quality, updated, precise, informative, and genuine. Also, we offer world class marketing services that guarantee improving the site’s visibility, and maximum reach. 

Hence, our main focus is on:

  1. SEO
  2. Business 
  3. Technology 
  4. Digital Marketing 
  5. Small-scale Businesses
  6. Individual Business Owners and much more

Before writing, make sure you know about our audience. Keep the global audience in your mind and you will definitely come up with the content that is from your heart and soul. We just need that guarantee!

Articles That We Accept And Publish 

There are some points that a contributor must understand. We don’t accept all articles. Our site follows particular standards that the contributor is required to meet. We mainly publish articles that cover business, finance, marketing, and technology. Infor Inn encourages professional writers who are able to provide us with the original content in these areas. You can either come up with your topic or we can suggest it for our blog. 

If you are looking forward to our suggestions for writing for us technology, please feel free to contact us on contactus@inforinn.com 

Topic Suggestions 

  1. We publish guest articles on starting a business, growing a business, and business ideas, strategies, tips, and marketing guides.
  2. All marketing blogs like digital marketing, online marketing, social media marketing, email marketing and SEO.
  3. Content related to money and personal finance, cryptocurrencies, foreign trade, investing and money management.
  4. Real estate news includes buying, selling, renting, home improvement, investing and more.

Guidelines For Write For Us Guest Posts 

Original and unique content

People are looking for new stories to read and new ideas to discuss. It helps achieve the goal of encouraging reading and engagement. For this reason, we always look for original and non-standard content. It is one of the things that help us to distinguish ourselves from everyone else. If you have an idea or story to share, you should bring your keyboard to write for us business or more.

Accelerate audience’s curiosity 

All you have to do is do extensive research and create a plan based on your findings. People should be motivated to read more and find more information from the content.

Include the best examples

Articles highlighting the most successful businesses provide great information for new businesses just starting out. Be specific, understandable, and as general as possible, but most importantly, please the reader. Common tips and mistakes are easier to understand when combined with examples, which makes it easier for readers to understand the content.

Avoid promoting your business A LOT!

Too much promotion is the bane! If you are interested in writing for us, one thing to keep in mind is that guest posting is an opportunity to show your readers your knowledge and expertise in the subject area. They are not a forum for promoting products, businesses or businesses in any way. Note that many of our visitors are looking for success stories, tips and advice on starting and managing a successful startup.

Include accurate facts and figures

 In your work, you should avoid including any false information or data in any way. You must provide proper attribution and credit, as well as citation of the source for the article. Always try to use accurate information from websites or sources, and make sure you give credit where it’s due.

Pictures and Images: 

You may not include any pictures or images in the pre-post content. This is due to copyright concerns, but if it is necessary to include images or images, we will take care of it ourselves.

How To Reach Out To Us?

  1. Choose your topic: Before submitting an offer for your essay, we ask you to read our previous articles and come up with three original content ideas that interest you to write that will inspire, explore, go deep.
  2. After you get an idea for the topic, we will choose one of the suggested topics from the available options and give it to you to write.
  • We prefer to contribute in the form of Google Docs, because it makes it easier and easier for editors to provide criticism and guidance on your design.
  • Essays should be at least 700 words and no more than 1500 words.
  • When setting up subheadings, be sure to include proper headings, H1, and H2 tags where appropriate.
  • External Links: We only provide one backlink to followers. Other links will not be followed, subject to approval, and are only accepted when linked to the property page.
  • You may choose to include a personal photo and a short biography of the author.
  1. Once your submission is approved, you will be notified by email within one or two days of normal business hours.
  2. After publication, we do not allow changes to the article. However, if we need to make significant changes, we can make such changes. If all goes according to plan, we will publish your work within a week and send you an email with a link to the published version.