Social Media Benefits And Drawbacks | A Beginners Guide From Level Zero

Social Media Benefits And Drawbacks | A Beginners Guide From Level Zero

We all are aware of the basic use of social media – to interact with anyone across the world. Due to social media benefits in businesses, marketers make use of social media efficiently in a different way. For instance, they make sure the target audience knows about a particular business, generate leads, and even increase

We all are aware of the basic use of social media – to interact with anyone across the world. Due to social media benefits in businesses, marketers make use of social media efficiently in a different way. For instance, they make sure the target audience knows about a particular business, generate leads, and even increase traffic on a business site.

It is quite complex to know which social media platform is right for you. Creating a social media strategy is no big deal unless you are not aware of the dynamics of the particular platform. And one more thing! A marketer only chooses social media platforms according to the type of audience to get targeted social media benefits. 

Well, there is a lot more to learn but before that you must know what are the important social media benefits and drawbacks in the current age. 

Why must individuals hook on to social media?

Today, over 4.9 million global users are hooked to social media for different reasons. This figure clearly shows that social media has a great influence on our society. 

Social media is a versatile and vast place for individuals. Here, you can not only meet and greet but do many great things that are difficult to put into words. 

Each social media platform runs on a specific purpose. For instance, LinkedIn helps you in expanding your career opportunities by connecting with global professionals. Similarly, there are many other platforms which you can use for specific social media benefits. 

You must know the most common social media platforms that have gained much audiences’ interest. These platforms are offering such amazing features that are helpful in personal and professional growth. Since we are approaching the most advanced era than ever, social media is the only thing that will keep evolving with the increased user demands. 

Perhaps, with tremendous advantages, there comes some disadvantages too. In this way, it becomes really difficult whether one must trust the technology or just go with the flow. 

This article will shed some light on the advantages and disadvantages of social media. It will help you in deciding which path to choose because when it comes to social media, you don’t know which gate to open. 

Social Media Benefits And Drawbacks

Image Social Media

Social Networking

Just like we meet new people in our daily life, social media benefits in connecting with people around the globe in just a few clicks. It is a new form of traditional networking that allows people to discover the world by just sitting at your home. 

Social networking is not limited to one platform today. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more provide unimaginable experiences to users to face the world with a new perspective. You just have to create your profile on these platforms and get started with making new friends, finding people with whom you have not been in contact since ages, and much more. 

Advantages and disadvantages of Social Networking

  • Helps you connect with people having diverse mindsets, practices, and culture
  • Find massive opportunities in every area you want 
  • Share your hidden talent with people you are connected with 
  • Make new friends and become a part of a new community 
  • One can easily fall into fraud or theft 
  • People who are only interested in posting links may have a harder time getting engagement than people who upload photos and videos.
  • Some platforms, such as Facebook, keep individual user posts above business posts and news feeds.

Sharing Media 

The two biggest photo sharing platforms are Instagram and Pinterest.

Instagram offers a curated list of posts featuring photos and short videos next to them. Users can also post live videos or create Instagram Stories that disappear after a day. Like the social networking platform above, users can interact with others through hashtags, likes, comments, or direct messages.

Advantages and disadvantages of Sharing Media

  • Platforms like Instagram help increase brand awareness. About 60% said they learned about a product or service on Instagram.
  • Pinterest and Instagram provide channels to display visual content or product photos.
  • Platforms like Instagram also allow you to experiment with visual or short video content


  • Maintaining these platforms may require a dedicated photography budget or production time.
  • Some platforms, like Instagram, require you to post on a mobile device.

Video Sharing

Some 88% of marketers say that video provides them with a strong ROI, and 90% believe that the level of video competition has increased. Adding a video platform to your social media strategy can make your brand seem more relevant and keep you engaged with your competitors.

Videos help in all areas of life. While a restaurant might have a vlog with cooking tips, a tech company might focus its video strategy on product demonstrations.

To help you decide which strategy is right for your business and career, check out our video marketing guide.

When it comes to long videos, YouTube and Vimeo are the leading platforms. While YouTube has a larger audience and better SEO capabilities, Vimeo’s smaller platform promotes community.


YouTube also seems to offer better opportunities for advertisers and monetization, while Vimeo offers viewers an ad-free pre-roll.

For a long list of similarities and differences, check out our head-to-head article comparing the business power of Vimeo and YouTube.

Advantages and disadvantages of Video Sharing

  • Videos may be longer on other social platforms.
  • Both platforms have website link features.
  • Platforms like YouTube and Vimeo often offer reviews.
  • Both YouTube and Vimeo have search optimization.
  • Content may require more time and money to create.
  • These platforms require more backend work such as SEO.

Interactive Media

Apps like Snapchat and TikTok allow users to share photos and videos, and they feature unique interactions and highly intuitive features. Both apps include AR/VR filters, music, and interactive games. Their target audience is also Gen Z. Interactive media is also necessary for effective SEO. You must check out “Basics Of Search Engine Optimization That Can Make You Achieve Professional Goals” to learn everything about search engine optimization. 

Advantages and disadvantages of Interactive Media

  • These platforms are creative and experimental.
  • They have a young audience, which can help brands better Gen Z.
  • Articles can be used to inform your followers about your brand.
  • Creating content regularly can be expensive and time-consuming.
  • Business accounts are not uploaded to the Snapchat app. You can promote your channel on your website or other social channels because users need to search for you using your Snapcode or username.
  • Snapchat and TikTok are mobile only and not easy to use.


Both Tumblr and Reddit allow users to post on interesting niche topics such as memes, events, politics, and pop culture. When a user posts a post, these platforms allow other users to share the post or add to the discussion with their own comments.

Advantages and disadvantages of Blog or Community

  • Both platforms allow you to share text, photos and videos about your business, brand or personal opinion.
  • These platforms help you start conversations about topics.
  • Both platforms allow links to external websites.
  • Long blog posts can take time to create or write.
  • Being unresponsive to Reddit or Tumblr users means your posts won’t be seen.
  • Your target audience may be larger than or just the people on the platform you use.

Things To Remember 

Before you start logging in and setting up your account on multiple platforms, be sure to consider the following:

  • How much time do you need to develop your strategy around social platforms?
  • Do you have resources for creating graphics or videos?
  • Does your goal include increasing brand awareness or traffic and revenue?
  • Do you need additional users to run the platform, or is it easy to maintain?

Once you’re on a platform or two, make sure you understand how it’s changing and what customers are doing.


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